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Adventure Series of Books

By Frank McManus

Frankly Savannah is a marvelous, irreverent romp through space, time, love, and life in the not-too-distant future. 

By Frank McManus

Frankly Savannah is a marvelous romp through space, time, and oddball characters. The story centers around a Father/Daughter satellite repair company, a job they take investigating a gold coin, and a lost WWI pilot who discovers a time portal. The US Government dissolves; the Earth shifts on its access; an AI known as Elon Musk wants to create a race of super Tesla bots, and Amazon Alexa runs us all. Mix all that with a touch of female domination, quirky characters, unique restaurants, torture, revenge, and gold, and you have a masterful parody of what business and life could be like in the future.  

Adult themes, language, and sexual situations.

Available in paperback: 700 pages, 152,000 words, 6x9, 60# cream paper. Available to purchase HERE and at many retail sellers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Ingramspark, Barns & Nobel, and other book retailers. 

Available in electronic formats: epub, ereader, pdf, Nook, Mobi, Kindle, and Apple on many major websites.  

Frankly Savannah Reviews:

This extravagantly playful science-fiction satire imagines a 22nd century in which current trends have run amok...

McManus’s epic does have a plot, a time-hopping pulp lulu that finds a World War I pilot crashing in the Alps in 1918 with a cargo that grows more precious as centuries past, though it’s the fun speculative elements—and Frank’s warmly crabby relationship with his daughter Savannah—that give the novel its quirky kick.

Takeaway: A mad science-fiction spree into an Alexa and Musk-ruled 22nd century.

 'A' Rated

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